The All-Important Wedding DJ!

Updated: May 20

It’s the event of your lifetime. The service was perfect, all of your family and friends are at the reception with you, and the table settings are wonderful and picturesque. Your wedding DJ, however, isn’t prepared, isn’t professional, and plays music that does everything but entertain your guests. That one piece, the wedding DJ, can make your wedding a time of fond memories or a nightmare..

Choosing a wedding DJ that’s right for you can not be taken lightly. Sure, you can have your nephew who has some equipment play at your wedding but keep in mind that the old adage of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies when you choose your DJ.

When choosing a DJ, personality is important. You want a DJ who is outgoing while at the same time professional. This is key if your DJ is also the Master of Ceremonies. The DJ must keep the flow of the guests going, keeping them entertained, having a great time, and on the dance floor! This is a celebration after all!