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Imagine Films San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

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Hey! I’m Eric, owner of Imagine Films San Antonio. I began shooting weddings in early 2014 and each one that I film I like to say I learn something new. Weddings are a form of expression for myself. A creative release per say. I want my wedding films to showcase what I would love to see in my own! If I’m not shooting weddings I’m playing basketball with my brother or at a spurs game! Almost all my friends know me as the spurs “stan”, ha.

In 2013 life began setting in. The fast paced, un-forgiving nature of becoming an adult. Quickly I scrambled to find my passion and to no avail nothing seemed to be working. I picked up my first camera at the age of eighteen and after years of searching, learning, and unfortunately falling short in various ventures, the camera remained in my hand. I fell in love with capturing moments and creating stories. The emotion that could be drawn from someone re-living the moments that seemed to have gone so quickly, natural beauty at it’s finest. Now starting the journey of founding Imagine Films, and meeting a beautiful woman to take on the world, life still seems fast paced, I’m just a little quicker this go around.

From working with the top realtors in San Antonio and being featured on HGTV, to filming over 300+ weddings over the span of my career, the goal continues to remain the same; bring my creativity and passion when the record button gets pressed!

For videos of our work please visit our website, Instagram, or Facebook page.



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