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Amped Entertainment Directory was born out of the love of entertainment! We love to see the smiles, hear the laughter, and witness the overall fun of those being entertained! This love of entertainment led us to the desire to connect you with high-quality vendors who have the same love of entertainment that we do so that you will have those smiles, enjoy the laughter, have lots of fun, and make your event one of the greatest memories you’ve had the pleasure to experience!


Richard Turk​

For as long as he can remember, Richard has always wanted to have an impact, to make a difference, in the lives of others. This passion to make a difference is reflected in his past career choices. Whether it was being a soldier in the U.S. Army serving his country, working in financial services to assist families with their financial future, or being a school teacher in order to make a difference in the lives of children, he always had that drive to have an impact. Richard believes that our purpose is to serve God, enjoy life and serve others by spreading joy to them.

As an entrepreneur, he wanted to make sure that whatever business he pursued it had to have a positive impact, serve others, and spread joy.  He created Amped Entertainment for this very purpose, help small entertainment business owners with their passion, serve others by providing a single location for people to find the vendors they need, and to be a part of the joy that comes from bringing the two together.

Check out his other website:

Breakout Outdoor Adventures

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